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New Invention: Display Mechanism Illustrating Fluid Dynamics

One Kuwaiti inventor have presented at the Geneva Invention Fair 2013 his invention:

"Display Mechanism Illustrating Fluid Dynamics“

Benefits of this invention:

New Invention: The Fuel Inlet and Air Preheating or Cooling Device for the Internal Combustion Engine

Two South Korean inventors have presented at the Geneva Invention Fair 2013 their invention:

„The Fuel Inlet and Air Preheating or Cooling Device for the Internal Combustion Engine“

This invention

New Invention: Automatic feeder of meal and snack for pets

One South Korean inventor have presented at the Geneva Invention Fair 2013 its invention:

„Automatic feeder of meal and snack for pets“.

This invention secures automatic supplies of a variety of shapes and sizes of snacks for pets and ensures safety also in case of epidemic in livestiock farm, preventing infection on people.

The invention enables control over the quantity of the grain and the automatically vending of it.

Patentability of human genes in question

Crucial activity has been undergone regarding the patent case law when the US Supreme Court has heard arguments questioning whether the human genome can be claimed as intellectual property. This case is connected to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union in 2009 that aims on the question whether companies should be able to patent genes. US authorities have been awarding patents on genes to universities and medical companies for almost 30 years. The case itself may have deep impact on future gene research.

Joint call for action aganinst patent trolls

Major companies Google, Red Hat, BlackBerry and ISP EarthLink have called on the US Federal Trade Commission and US Department of Justice to take action against patent assertion entities (PAEs), or as they are more commonly known, patent trolls. In a letter to the agencies, the companies point out that PAEs are now filing four times as many cases as they did in 2005 and claims cost US companies at least $29 billion in direct costs in 2011 and $80 billion when accounting for indirect costs.

According to ITC , Samsung text selection feature infringes Apple patent

A U.S.  trade agency judge has brought decision that  the text-selection feature Samsung has on its mobile devices infringes an Apple patent.

New Invention Heating Water with Cold Water

One inventor in  San Diego has developed a way to heat a home’s hot water by using the excess heat from cold water.

Most homes use three to four times as much cold water as warm water, with the temperature of the cold water averaging over 70ºF throughout the year—about 15º to 20ºF degrees warmer than necessary.

Novartis fails to obtain patent in India

Novartis AG`s effort to patent an updated version of the company`s leukemia - treating drug Glivec was denied by the decision of the Supreme Court of India. According to the Court the ingredient in Glivec, beta crystalline form of Imatinib Mesylate, fails in both the tests of invention and patentibility and therefore the appellant`s appeal would be an attempt to obtain patent for Imatinib Mesylate which is prohibited under India Patent law.

THX sued Apple for infringing Speaker Patent

In California Federal Court IPNews® - THX, Ltd. lodged a complaint in March 2013 against Apple, Inc. claiming that the Apple Corporation is infringing its patent for narrow-profile speakers.

THX, a cinematic acoustics company founded by “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, filed the complaint in San Francisco claiming that Apple is selling and importing products that infringe its narrow-profile speaker patent.  THX is seeking damages and an injunction prohibiting Apple from continuing the infringement.

ITC Sides with Microsoft in its Patent Claim dispute with Motorola

March 28th, 2013 the International Trade Commission through the  Administrative Law Judge David P. Shaw announced decision  that Microsoft was not in violation of Motorola's wireless connectivity patent, No. 6,069,896. This decision may soon end the long, on-going battle between Microsoft Corp. and Motorola Mobility, Inc. (owned by Google) over the Xbox 360 gaming console.


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