Da Vinci Patents

Patent Lawyers, Agents & Experts Services for European Patent Prosecution & Registration

European Patent Registration and Consulting Services provides services related to patent applications and patenting in Europe, established to offer a forward-thinking, fresh alternative to more traditional IP Law practices. We are following science & technology developments, setting a unique approach to the provision of intellectual property protection services in Europe, offering sound, quality and cost effective patenting advice.

We have broad experience in offering international consultancy service, staying at clients' disposal for any additional questions or clarifications and provide advice to clients in commercial context, suggesting patent registration strategy in line with the clients' business objectives.

Our clients range in size from individual investors, SMEs to international companies.

In addition to our main office we also have representative offices in Vienna (AT)  and Sofia (BG).

Main Advantages

  • High quality services, combined with the specific knowledge of our European patent lawyers,
  • Flexible services, adjusted to clients needs,
  • Very favorable pricing policy and individually tailored solutions for each client

Small Business Support

  • We provide patent advice and assistance to single inventors, small businesses and small technology start up companies, offering them any initial free advice they need related to European patents.