Patenting in Europe, European patent applications registration at EPO

Our service for patenting in Europe by European patent applications registration at EPO consists of the following services/areas of operation:

Main areas of operation:

  1. Preparing of European patent applications/patent documents,
  2. Filing of European patent applications,
  3. Entry of International (PCT) applications into European regional/national phase,
  4. Prosecution of patent application and registration at European Patent Office (EPO)
  5. Representation of clients'/applicants interests during the patent prosecution procedure at European Patent Office (EPO) (from filing of the patent application until patent registration at EPO),
  6. Patent/prior art search services

Other areas of operation:

  • Valuation, transfer, licensing and commercialization of European patent applications,
  • Advise and representing clients interests in opposition and appeal procedures at the European Patent Office (EPO),
  • Drafting and negotiating patent licensing and transfer agreements and other patent agreements,
  • Conducting due diligence in form of prior art searches, patentability opinions and freedom to operate analyses,
  • European patent validation,
  • IP Audits and Reviews,
  • Patent financing,
  • General international business consulting,
  • Business consulting regarding commercialization of patents,
  • Service inter-mediation,
  • Investigation and collection of business information

Fees for our European patent registration services

We offer generally very favorable fees for our services. On request, we shall send you our Standard Schedule of fees.

Next to the standard fees, we offer the following billing methods and discounts:

  1. Additional fee reductions in case of two or more (multiple) patent applications,
  2. Cap fee arrangement for our involvement in one European patent registration procedure or
  3. Completely individually tailored  fee arrangement with the client.

Cost Estimate

Please contact us for cost estimate of our services of your interest.