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In the USA, Harvard’s OncoMouse has gone into the public domain

Harvard's patented OncoMouse not only made the headlines in its early days; the invention has proven to be a blockbuster for cancer research.  In the mid 1980s Harvard researchers inserted a heritable cancer-causing gene into a mouse, and created a great model system for studies of drugs against cancer.

Monsanto wins patent lawsuit over DuPont, with a staggering US$1 billion in damages

The world's single most infamous genetically modified agriculturist won a tremendous court verdict.  Last week, a federal jury awarded $1 billion in damages to the world’s crop biotechnology leader Monsanto.  The jury found that Monsanto’s arch rival DuPont had willfully infringed a patent covering Roundup Ready soybeans. DuPont is to pay out $1 billion in patent infringement damages to the biotech giant, a staggering patent loss.

Long-awaited agreement on a European Unified Patent Court clears the way for unitary EU patent system

After 30 years of negotiations, a huge step for the E.U.'s future unitary patent system: a historic breakthrough was achieved on June 29th by a decision on where the central division of the European Unified Patent Court will be located.  It will be in Paris.  London and Munich will have thematic patent clusters.  A specialized branch in Munich will be handling cases involving mechanical engineering.  Another specialized branch of the Court in will be London dealing with pharmaceuticals.  The first president of the Court will be French.  Furthermore, a specialized appeals court will be locat


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