New Invention: (SGY) Medium for isolation and enrichment halophilic actinobacteria

An inventor from Saudi Arabia presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “(SGY) Medium for isolation and enrichment halophilic actinobacteria”.

(SGY) is a new nutritional medium consists of starch, glucose, yeast extract supported with artificial sea water, design for isolation and enrichment a useful bacterial group called halophilic actinobacteria from salty environment.( SGY) medium enhances the abundant growth of these bacteria during short period of time compared to other media. Notable that the produced biomass has important practical applications in biotechnology.

There are significant applications of halophilic actinobacteria and their biomolecules (e.g. enzymes) in the field of environmental biotechnology where they can be applied to wide range of bioremediation projects, such as bioremediation of brine effluent. It can be also used as bio fertilized to increase soil fertility and decrease salinity.

There is no specific medium for halophilic actinobacteria, where one of the general media of actinobacteria is used with NaCl addition for providing the ideal salinity. But the growth rate is very low and need long time of incubation ( 3-2 ) weeks. The aim of (SGY) medium is to provide nutritional requirements that can stimulate high amount of growth under high salinity during short period ( 6-4 days ).   

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