New Invention: Display Mechanism Illustrating Fluid Dynamics

One Kuwaiti inventor have presented at the Geneva Invention Fair 2013 his invention:

"Display Mechanism Illustrating Fluid Dynamics“

Benefits of this invention:

  • Eliminates the need to use the fuel to generate energy,
  • Reduces green house gas emissions and pollutioin and thermal,
  • Increases irrigation and greening in the world and
  • Low cost to set up power plants by this invention as the cost does not exceed 25% of the cost of conventional power plants that operate in oil or gas.

This invention is a way to control fluid through a new mechanism which allows us to raise the water or fluids to the top.

The invention is used to lift water from rivers for irrigation where it provides 60% of the energy needed for this purpose by conventional pumps. The invention can be also used in the process of generating electricity using hydro plant without the need to carry water os estuaries or waterfalls, as this invention is to lift water dynamically and the water is stored at high place to form industrial waterfalls to generate electrical power which is comparable to power plant.

This invention has a potential for broad international application and its application will have verry positive environmental and energy saving effects.

The inventor is interested in commercialization of its inventor seeking appropriate interested manufacturer.

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