New Invention: Cmos surface acoustic wave resonator.

One inventor from Malaysia have presented at the IENA Invention Fair 2013 his invention:


Cmos surface acoustic wave resonator”




Increasing complexity of wireless and mobile communication systems have encouraged the popularity of CMOS based RF-MEMS devices. Current usage of off-chip resonators need to be improved since it consumes large area and high interfacing losses. Integration of CMOS with SAW resonators is a possible solution to reduce the loss . In this work, a two – port surface acoustic wave resonator is fabricated using standard 0,18 mm CMOS process. Post CMOS processing consists of reactive ion etching , deposition of zinc oxide piezoelectric layer and wet etching are required to realize the resonator. Experimental results agree with simulation results where the resonator operates at 1.775 GHz and low insertion loss of – 8.5 dB.



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