Transfer of the European patent

According to Rule 85 and Rule 22 of the European Patent Convention (EPC) Implementing Regulations (IR), in case of transfer of European patent during the opposition period or during the opposition proceedings,


The transfer of a European patent application according to paragraph 1 of the Rule 22 of the EPC IR shall be recorded in the European Patent Register at the request of an interested party, upon production of documents providing evidence of such transfer.


The request shall not be deemed to have been filed until an administrative fee has been paid. It may be rejected only if paragraph 1 of the Rule 22 EPC IR has not been complied with.


A transfer shall have effect vis-à-vis the European Patent Office (EPO) only at the date when and to the extent that the documents referred to in paragraph 1 of the Rule 22 of the EPC IR have been produced.


Prepared December 2nd, 2022


by European Patent Registration and Consulting Services

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