Samsung wins Korean battle in the patent war against Apple

South Korea's Samsung won a home court ruling in its global smartphone battle against Apple , when judges in Seoul Court stated the company didn't copy the look and feel of the Apple's iPhone, and that Apple infringed on Samsung's wireless technology.

The panel also said Samsung violated Apple technology behind the bounce-back feature when scrolling on touch screens, and ordered both sides to pay limited damages.

The decision of the Seoul Central District Court  called for a partial ban on sales of products including iPads and smartphones from both companies.  Thsi  verdict however did not affect the latest-generation phones — Apple's iPhone 4S or Samsung's Galaxy S3.

This ruling affects only the South Korean market, and is part of a larger struggle over patents and innovation between this two companies unfolding in nine countries. The biggest stakes are in the U.S., where Apple is suing Samsung for $2.5 billion over allegations it has created illegal knockoffs of iPhones and  iPads.