New Invention: Safety helmet for motorcycle.

One inventor from Iran have presented at the IENA Invention Fair 2013 his invention:


Safety helmet for motorcycle”.



This invention comprises of


system for connecting message with the center of medical aid and police,

dual purpose GPS system,

intelligent switch,

air freshening inside the helmet,

music player,

audio out,

charging all types of cell,

USB port,

alarm security system,

wireless communication system and cell.


The most important systems that are applied on this helmet and made it distinct from the other types of helmet available in the world and resulted in an invention are:


The system of connecting message with center of medical aid and police and

Dual purpose GPS System


In this system is designated that when hit to helmet and when intelligent sensors to feel hit of accident and it will be dangerous for rider and than helmet that is composed of GPS and system of connecting message, immediately connect to center of medical aid and to police



Benefits of this invention:


Universal application world wide,

Increasing safety on the roads for motorcycle drivers,

Increasing overview and operational activity of the medical aid services and police in

case of traffic accidents.



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