New invention: My-G Mung Bean TM - a superfood with multifunctional health-promoting properties

An inventor from Malaysia presented at the Nuremberg IENA Invention Fair 2013 the invention: “My-G Mung Bean TM - a superfood with multifunctional health-promoting properties”. The invention includes fermented mung bean with improved protein content and reduced amount of phytic acid. This food product was produced under proprietary process using Rhizopus 5351 strain and found to have high GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) content and multifunctional health-promoting properties.This invention has a potential for broad international application and can be used for products such as fresh food for consumption, capsule – health supplement for healthy blood sugar level, healthy functional drinks and ingredients for skincare industry. The inventor is interested in commercialization and is seeking appropriate interested manufacturer. EPO Patent Registration Services and Consulting GmbH has made direct contact with the inventor and has access to information about the invention directly from the inventor. Interested parties for the invention can contact EPO Patent Registration at