New Invention: Design and Construction of the Gravity System to Reduce Body Weight

One inventor from Iran have presented at the IENA Invention Fair 2013 his invention:


„Design and Construction of the Gravity System to Reduce Body Weight“



Benefits of this invention:


The essence of this invention is system that reduces the weight of one object. By using this invention the weight of one object can be reduced up to 10 times.


By application of this invention it will be decreased the needed power for transportation and moving objects (goods) from one to other location,


Can be significantly reduced fuel consumption in the transport of goods and for transport vehicles,


Can be saved energy resources especially fossil fuels,


Can be achieved reduction in the environmental polution,


Can be reduced the danger of global warming by reduction of consumtion of fossil fules,


General reduction of the polution,


Can be achieved massive chages in the transportation and transferring industry.




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