European patent - Payment of renewal fees, Part 1


According to Rule 51 of the European Patent Convention (EPC) Implementing Regulations (IR)


A renewal fee for the European patent application in respect of the coming year shall be due on the last day of the month containing the anniversary of the date of filing of the European patent application. The renewal fee in respect of the third year may not be validly paid more than six months before it falls due. The renewal fee in respect of the fourth year and all other renewal fees for the subsequent years may not be validly paid more than three months before they fall due.



If a renewal fee is not paid on the due date under paragraph 1, of this Rule,  the fee may still be paid within six months of the said date, provided that an additional fee is also paid within that period.  If upon expiry of the six-month period.a renewal fee and the additional fee is not paid,  the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn. 

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