EPO Munich

European Patent Attorneys. Advice, Registration & Protection of Inventions in Europe

European Patent Registration and Consulting Services is service provided by Lawyers Antevski , member of the network of the Company ARI INTERNATIONAL Law and Trade Anstalt from Liechtenstein. Our European patent attorneys, patent counsels, agents and involved experts provide patent legal advice, lawyers services and support for registration of patents in Europe, including: patent search, patent filing, patent prosecution, registration of patent applications for obtaining European Patent and patent licensing, valuation and commercialization.

Our main business activity in this area includes preparing and filing European patent applications, entry of PCT Applications into European national phase and prosecution and registration of European Patent & PCT Applications in European Patent Office (EPO) proceedings, thereby providing patent protection in Europe.

Our Mission

  • To give immediate reply and initial free advice and information to patent inquiries
  • To bring quality patent advisory and registration legal services to our clients
  • To open perspectives to the client in situations where nobody else can
  • To offer creative solutions
  • To achieve best results for the benefit of our clients
  • To be the best among the best in the area of our activities
  • To have satisfied clients

Our Philosophy

Individually focused intellectual property service, diligently assisting each single client in order to achieve the best possible result. Examination of every detail in order to maximally protect the clients' best interests.

What are the advantages of a European patent?

  • Applicant can obtain patent protection in 38 European countries on the basis of European single patent application in a centralized, cost – effective and time-saving procedure
  • Patent applicant selects the countries in which he wants patent protection in Europe
  • European patents have the same legal effects as national patents in each country for which they are granted