European patent - Applications containing a plurality of independent claims

According to Rule 62a of the European Patent Convention (EPC) Implementing Regulations (IR),


If the European Patent Office considers that the claims as filed do not comply with Rule 43, paragraph 2, of the EPC , IR (regulating form and content of the claims)  it shall invite the applicant to indicate, within a period of two months, the claims complying with Rule 43, paragraph 2, of the EPC,  IR on the basis of which the search is to be carried out. If the applicant fails to provide such an indication in due time, the search shall be carried out on the basis of the first claim in each category.


The European Patent Office Examining Division shall invite the applicant to restrict the claims to the subject-matter searched unless it finds that the objection under paragraph 1 of this rule was not justified.

Prepared,  May 15th , 2021 

Prepared by European Patent Registration and Consulting Services
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