New Invention: Power saver (power superconductor)

An inventor from Taiwan presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Power saver (power superconductor)”.

In order to reduce the pressure drop of the end of the line, power company usually increases the relative percentage of high-voltage transmission. The action taken by the power company has several drawbacks. First, the resistance of transmission line will cause energy loss. Secondly, heat is produced because of converting voltage. The machines operated under this circumstance can cause overheating or even burn-down.

This pattern product can automatically detect and regulate excessive and unstable voltage generated by the supply systems. It can also reduce the heat caused by electrical resistance, and can provide at the most suitable electrical environment for the load circuit of the appliance. This pattern product can reduce the heat loss because of over-voltage caused by the internal material, so that it can achieve the purpose of effective energy saving. 

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