New Invention: Raining Sensor

An inventor from United Arab Emirates presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Raining Sensor”.

The raining sensor device is designed by using a small number of various electronics components. They were connected in a certain way to reach the goal of the design. The aim of the design is to protect the expensive equipments from getting damage from rainfall and water leaking in buildings.

The device gives solutions by using it to protect the sensitive equipments that are located outdoor from rainfall, moreover to protect them from water leaking caused by the rain indoor.

Device designed at a low cost compared with other systems. Contains of a small number of electronic components are easily available. Easy to install lightweight and operates by 9 volts battery.

This invention has a potential for broad international application. The inventor is interested in commercialization of its invention and is seeking appropriate interested manufacturer. European Patent Registration and Consulting Services GmbH has made direct contact with the inventor and has access to information about the invention directly from the inventor. Interested parties for the invention can contact European Patent Registration at