New Invention: Wireless monitor

Inventors from Saudi Arabia presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Wireless monitor”.


Any patient undergoing any surgical procedure in the OR should be attached to a monitor through cables to continuously monitor vital signs and other physiological data. These cables may disturb free movement around the patient in the OR, meanwhile, can be disconnected from the patient accidentally by the staff, which will increase the risk of complications in the OR.


The proposed solution is to dispose those cables. This can be achieved by connecting the patient to a small monitor attached to the OR table next to the patient and keeping all cables under the surgical drapes. Simultaneously, the data shown on the small monitor is transmitted to the main screen via wireless technology. Another advantage is when the procedure is completed and patient will be shifted to Post Anesthesia Care Unit ( PACU ) or to Intensive Care Unit ( ICU ), the same small monitor can be used for patient transfer.  


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