New invention: Environmental phosphate sensor

Group of inventors from Malaysia presented at the Brussels Innova Invention Fair 2013 the invention: Environmental phosphate sensor.


The invention includes development of fluorescence phosphate sensor using methacrylate-morin composite materials. Reaction of morin complex with phosphate has led to the reduction of fluorescence intensity proportionally with phosphate concentration. The sensing material can be prepared within 10 min using photopolymerization technique. This sensor has potential to be among the best phosphate sensor as it is chemically stable and inert and undergoes in-situ analysis at room temperature with short response time (<5 min). It is highly selective and sensitive because the ion interferences is less than 6 % and it can detect phosphate as low as 0.07 mg/L. A conventional phosphate sensor normally comprises of chemical components or reagents in form of polymer film. This invention gives good performances due to the selection of methacrylate polymer microspheres as a matrix.  


This invention has a potential for broad international application. The inventors are interested in commercialization of the invention and are seeking appropriate interested manufacturer.

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