New Invention: Wave Energy System for Electricity Power Generation

One inventor from Malaysia have presented at the IENA Invention Fair 2013 his invention:


Wave Energy System for Electricity Power Generation”


This invention is a device which uses wave power to generate electricity. The invention includes designed small scale wave power system which can generate electricity from smaller waves i.e. waves with lower speed. The invention comprises of Wave Energy Converter (WEC) and generator.

One low rpm of electrical generator is fabricated for use of the lower wave speed for generation of electricity. Also the device location can be adjusted by using adjustable anchor.


Benefits of this invention:


Production of clean and renewable energy with more constant energy production,,

This wave energy device can be placed onshore or offshore by using adjustable anchor,

Low cost of system development,

The design of the system is already verified by database : Unites States patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) , Espacenet and japan patent Office.



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