New Invention: Tow way communication for nonverbal ICU patent and healthcare provider

Inventors from Saudi Arabia presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Tow way communication for nonverbal ICU patent and healthcare provider”.


 Communication defect between ICU patient and healthcare provided who manage critically ill patient, they are experienced difficult with one of most basic human function: communication, patient with communication barrier: artificial airway, language barrier or hearing defect are unable to communicate verbally and expressed their need, feeling and decision. ICU staff fined barrier to be understandable by their patient with hearing or language defect which that affect on quality of care.

Catch electronic movable screen programmed touch basis on expressive pictures to provide two way communications, patient to staff & staff to patient connected to stand height fits to patient need. Screen working with classified icons need, feeling, questions & staff instructions, service patient & staff, click by patient which is giving a message to screen staff station. Accept sterilization, easily usable & movable.   


The inventors are interested in commercialization of their invention for which a patent application has been filed and are seeking appropriate interested manufacturer. European Patent Registration and Consulting Services GmbH has made direct contact with the inventors and has access to information about the invention directly from the inventors. Interested parties for the invention can contact European Patent Registration at