New invention: Thermo-insulating textile composite for the production of plants against heat, cold and weathering.


Group of inventors from Romania have presented at the Innova Brussels Invention Fair 2013 their invention: „Thermo-insulating textile composite for the production of plants against heat, cold and weathering.”.


Short description


The present invention refers to layered composite that is used as a covering material for greenhouses frame , intended to protect cultivated plants. This flexible layered composite protects against the aggressive action of atmospheric factors that have the potential for termal and/or mechanical plant damage, namely diurnal and seasonal excessive heat or cold , wind and weathering (rain, snow, hail) and also protects against the action of biological factors with potential for damaging the plant, such as birds, insect borne viruses , rodents.

According to the invention the flexible layered type composite , comprises a support reinforced layer made of wooven fabric , from mono filament, polyethylene yarns , having a diameter of 0,15 to 0,30 mm with 1 (one) to 3 (three) layers and fabric covering degree between 23 and 45 %.

It is laminated with polyethylene adhesive melt on the surface of a polyethylene with two or three layers, which form cylindrical air bubbles with diameter of 30 mm and a height of 12 mm where the stationary air locked represents up to 75% of the two layer foil volume and up to 95% of the three layer foil volume , further locking the stationary air between the bubbles.


100% recyclable material,
Improved friability and durability by optimizing the mechanical properties, potential and composite structure



Recyclable composite,

The use of a layered flexible composite with wooven fabric support together with other polymeric layer with thermal; and light transmission functionalities.

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