New invention: Tanning composition and process for tanning bovine hides


Group of inventors from Romania have presented at the Innova Brussels Invention Fair 2013 their invention: „ Tanning composition and process for tanning bovine hides”.


Short description

The patent deals with the preparation of tanning agent based on Titanium and Aluminium by processing solid wastes resulting from the process of obtaining highly pure Titanium.




New tanning agents based on Titanium and Aluminium can be used at leather manufacture in new Wet White Tanning Technology replacing chrome tanning agents which is the main pollution source in the leather industry.


Economical and ecological advantages

Obtaining “ecological leather” without chromium , according special requirements of automotive leathers upholstery leathers, clothing leathers,

Wet white is a new wet stock to be commercialized,

Implementation of new technology at industrial scale do not require new equipments or investments,

The quality of the crust leathers are directly comparable with those from conventional process,

Effluents without chromium which are easier and cheaper to threat,

Solid wastes without chromium can be valorized easier and cheaper as fertilizer , for gelatin, glue or other industrial products,

Cost minimization by reduction of pollution in leather manufacture process,

Elimination of chrome shaving (wastes) , which represents approx. 5-10% of the hide weight


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