New Invention: Solar Plant

An inventor from Russia presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Solar plant”.

This device is a portable solar power plant, designed to convert solar radiation energy to electrical energy both in sunny and in cloudy weather.

Novelty of technical solution

The solar panel is implemented with additional fly-out panels and rigidly fixed panel, forming protective rectangular container, inside of which there is a second series of additional solar cell panels laid by the “deck of cards” type. It can be automatically or manually converted into common solar panel together with the panels which form the body of the container. Circular rotation of the plant eliminated by applying a series of slip rings. Thus provides 24-hour zenithal and azimuthal self-aligning of the plant. Solar cell panels are made of honeycombs, which in turn are made from composite materials such as CFRP.

Effect of the use

Multiple increase in power generation efficiency was achieved in the device due to the fact that the main panel with solar cells is made with protective rectangular container with lids. Furthermore, the reliability of plant operation is improved by providing more favourable operating conditions of solar panels.

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