New Invention: Plate glass defect detection program

A group of inventors from Russia presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions

of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Plate glass defect detection program”.


The developed program for plate glass defect detection has a number of functional capabilities: a set of filters-masks that when overlaid with an image make it possible to select groups of pixels and to remove unwanted noise, adjustable detection sensitivity, built-in timer for automatic check, optional storage of reference images and defect inspection procedure report on a personal computer in a .txt extension file.


The program allows to detect flaws in plate glass, such as cracks, internal chips, scratches, leaching, etc.




The program has a number of advantages:


  • it contains functional units necessary for defect control only, sets of filters for processing Laplace, Median, Highlight Details filters, etc;
  • compatibility with any CCD camera;
  • low requirements of the developed application for computer resources;
  • lack of hardware and software security keys;
  • setting of control parameters in accordance with Russian and foreign standards as well as possible additional customer requirements.


The program can be used for glass defect control in enterprises producing plate glass and using it for goods manufacturing. The developed program can also be used for defect detection in other sheet materials: steel sheets, textile laminate, etc.


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