New Invention: Novel bone implant with nano-bionic and anti-bacteria coating for regeneration bioactivity


An inventor from China presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Novel bone implant with nano-bionic and anti-bacteria coating for regeneration bioactivity”.


The invention consists of novel bone implant with a thin layer of nano-bionic coating on pure titanium or titanium alloy, which can be used for dental implant and artificial joints in clinical treatment. The micro-nanocrystilized surface of the implant is enhanced by simvastatin-reinforced bionic solution and coated with a layer (50-100nm) of nano-silver, giving the implant biological function for regeneration bioactivity and anti-bacteria protection. This invention significantly improves bone bonding of the metallic implant and prevents implant loosening and infection that occur frequently in clinic.


Special features and advantages:


  • hydroxyapatite rich surface, increasing implant bioactivity and bone-bonding ability;
  • simulate bone formation for early bony interface to prevent implant loosening;
  • reduce the chance of infection by the anti-bacteria coating.

This invention has a potential for broad international application in dentistry and orthopaedics. The inventor is interested in commercialization of its invention and is seeking appropriate interested manufacturer. European Patent Registration and Consulting Services GmbH has made direct contact with the inventor and has access to information about the invention directly from the inventor. Interested parties for the invention can contact European Patent Registration at