New invention: Nervous conductors made of collagen and process for preparing the same

Group of inventors from Romania have presented at the Innova Brussels Invention Fair 2013 their invention: „Nervous conductors made of collagen and process for preparing the same”


Short description:


The invention relates to nerve conductors made of cross-linked collagen and to a process of preparing thereof. Absorbable nerve conductors are made up of a tubular semipermeable matrix based on collagen, which provides a protective environment for peripheral nerves after injury and creates an axonal growth conductor along the damaged nerve.




The novelty of this invention is that nerve conductors are natural resorbable, consisting in a semiperm,eable tubular matrix based on only cross-linked collagen , they degrade over time , they have a well – determined porosity and their development method combines several techniques such as casting, freezing, immersing in solution and drying at a specific temperature which provides the conductor with physical – chemical and mechanical stability while preserving the suppleness of fibrous collagen.



Regeneration of nervous regions by applying nerve conductors, according to the invention, used in plastic and reparatory surgery reduces the number of disability cases in a short time and restores the socio – professional ability of patients,

Reducing the toxic effect in synthetic polymers by using a natural polymer , collagen , recognized by the body as its own constituent and not as a foreign material,

Obtaining nerve conductors through a combination of simple processes and in a short time (3 days) which involve much lower costs than those available on the market at present.


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