New invention: NAHRIM bioflocculant (NBIOF)

Several researchers from Malaysia  presented at the Nuremberg IENA Invention Fair 2013 their invention: NAHRIM bioflocculant (NBIOF). The invention comprises of natural coagulant (Morenga oleifera Lamarack) with its flocculation property acts through mechanisms to facilitate the removal of the pollutant inside water by clumping actions transforms into a scum. The flocculation actions are the binding of particles into large agglomerates. This occurs when segments of the polymer chain adsorb on different particles and help particles aggregate. The majority of particles that are suspended in water (called colloids) carry a negative charge, which causes them to repel each other.

This invention has a potential for broad international application. The inventors are interested in commercialization of their invention for which a patent application has been filed, seeking appropriate interested manufacturer.

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