New Invention: Monitoring of Machining Systems Performance – Neo-MoMac


Group of inventors from Malaysia have presented at the Innova Brussels Invention Fair 2013 their  invention: „ Monitoring of Machining Systems Performance – Neo-MoMac


Neo-MoMac is a real time cutting tool wear monitoring system based on cutting force measurement using a strain gauge – based dynamometer. Cutting forces in matching operation usually are measured using commercial dynamometer which is very expensive to most of the users especially from small machining industries. Alternatively , cutting forces can be measured from the deformations of flexible mechanical parts of the machining system using strain gauges that are low in coat, small size and lightweight which are able to convert deformations (i.e. forces) into electrical signals. The cutting force signals are used as a reference for indirect measurement and monitoring of the cutting tool wear. This system utilize signal analysis algorithm that is able to detect and recognize immediately the stage of tool wear condition. Neo-MoMac is a monitoring machining system that consists of a low cost dynamometer , a portable data acquisition device and a smart graphical user interface (GUI). In addition the system can also be used as a dynamometer for cutting force measurement during the machining process.


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