New invention: A miniature control and navigation system for a flying platform

An inventor from Poland presented at the Brussels Innova Invention Fair 2013 the invention: A miniature control and navigation system for a flying platform. 


Description of the invention:


The demonstrator presented consists of an on-board system and s ground station. The on-board system incorporates: a power supply unit, the major control unit, as well as additional elements such as the data transmission unit and the on-board data recorder. The on-board system can optionally be equipped with a video system consisting of an optical head, a controller and a video transmitter. The on-board system has the following parameters:


  • size: 95 x 50 x 42 mm,
  • weight: 134 g,
  • AC power: 6-26 VDC,
  • power consumption: ca. 4.5. W.


The system enables its users to control an unmanned aerial vehicle in the following modes:


  • direct,
  • direct with limitations (pitch ±15x, roll ±30x , 
  • flight parameters stabilization,
  • autonomous.


The ground station has a laptop with enhanced resistance to external forces. It can be powered from 230 VAC or the 12 VDC car power supply. The station is equipped with a touch screen, which simplifies the flight control. The data transmission unit can be integrated with flying platforms (e.g. MJ-7 Szogun – a flying target). The miniature control and navigation system can be adapted to other flying platforms with either an electrical or an internal combustion engine. The system can be easily modified and adjusted to the research and development tasks, which is to unquestionable merit.


This invention has a potential for broad international application. The inventor is interested in commercialization of the invention for which a patent application has been filed and is seeking appropriate interested manufacturer.

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