New Invention: Method of conservation and waterproofing of technogenic masses

Inventors from Russia presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Method of conservation and waterproofing of technogenic masses”.


This technology consists of creating safe waterproof coating on the basis of secondary thermoplastic materials preventing infiltration of atmospheric waters and product solutions from piles, dumps, sludge collectors and hard domestic waste storages, which is accompanied with underground water toxic pollution as well as dust emission and carrying-out of valuable components out of massif body. The mixture is prepared by combining all items of the composition at the place of its application after that it is placed in an extrusive-molding machine where it is heated electro-thermally up to its fusion temperature. Then the melted mixture is applied to the prepared surface as cross-strapping stripes with the help of screw feed discharge head.




The advantage of the suggested technology is its seamlessness, which increases durability of created coating, decreases defects occurrence probability due to usage of gas black as one of components and improves QUV by applying inexpensive layer of coarse material (gravel, pebble).  


This technology can be used in burial of hard domestic and industrial waste, and in mining and processing industries.


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