New Invention: Laryngoscope with pressure monitor

Inventors from Saudi Arabia presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Laryngoscope with pressure monitor”.


When performing tracheal intubation for patients in OR, ICU or ER, laryngoscope is used. Laryngoscope can be traumatic procedure because the health care provider can apply unnecessary pressure on the teeth, jaw, gum, tongue and all other surrounding tissues.


The proposed solution is to attach pressure scale to monitor the applied pressure by the health case provider when performing laryngoscope. Very limited data are available in the literature that calculate the appropriate pressure with laryngoscope, however, this data can be used to monitor the pressure. In addition, this monitor should give an alarm when the pressure exceeds the allowed limit.


This invention can be used by all health care providers who perform tracheal intubation, especially those with less experience to aid for patient safety and it will improve health care quality.


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