New Invention: Intelligent Wind Power Generating Unit for Automobiles.

One inventor from Taiwan have presented at the IENA Invention Fair 2013 his invention:


Intelligent Wind Power Generating Unit for Automobiles.”



This invention is a device – rear spoiler with arrayed wind turbines affixed to the rear top of the vehicle which creates electricity through the wind turbines whenever the vehicle is moving. The optimal windward power generation is adjusted automatically by speed sensing and microcomputer controlled servo motor. The rear spoiler has aerodynamic effect as usual.


The creation of this invention aims at the electrification of future automobile in order to solve the problems of difficulty in charging or power off while running.


Benefits of this invention:


Creation of additional energry by using the effect of movement of one vehicle,


Universal application on all kind of cars, trucks , busses,


Simple installation and operation,


Creating energy out of renewable source – wind.



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