New Invention: Helical cam cylinder lock


An inventor from Israel presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Helical cam cylinder lock”.


This invention enables the manufacture of a small and compact mechanism – a major advantage, as higher quality manufacturing technologies, such as precision casting and hot forging may be employed. These technologies are relatively costly, but as the lo0ck is small, the final price would still be reasonable and the security standard provided would be excellent. As a double cylinder requires the cutting of an opening through the entire thickness of the door in any case, the lock may be mounted to the door through this opening and the rotating and the rotating bolt may be attached to the lock body through a relatively small hole cut through the door rim. This will weaken the door significantly less than the pocket normally cut into the door for the purpose of installing a mortise lock.


A rotating bolt has the advantage of withstanding burglary pressures much better than a linear-travel bolt. A small mechanism with a rotating bolt, made of particularly strong materials, combined with relatively small openings cut through the door will produce a door/lock assembly that would be far stronger than any other option currently available.


This invention has a potential for broad international application. The inventor is interested in commercialization of this invention and is seeking appropriate interested manufacturer. European Patent Registration and Consulting Services GmbH has made direct contact with the inventor and has access to information about the invention directly from the inventor. Interested parties for the invention can contact European Patent Registration at