New Invention: Harmonizer Live Mass for acupressure of biologically active dots

One inventor from Russia presented at the Brussels Innova Invention Fair 2013 the invention: Harmonizer Live Mass for acupressure of biologically active dots.

Description of the invention: 

Specific of influence of this harmonizer is that it is a personal exercise machine, allowing to block attacks of appetite or other psychosomatic reactions. While slowly pressing of points, it is necessary to concentrate on your own feelings. Emergency of slight pain will testify that you are pressing of correct point. Existence of two bottom spikes on a harmonizer assumes a massage of two points simultaneously: the hunger point and the thirst point. The impact of these points blocks an impulse, which transmits a signal in hypothalamus about the arising hunger at the moment when the level of glucose in the blood falls below nominal. The signal doesn’t reach the cerebral cortex, due to which the arising feeling of hunger considerably decreases.      

Live Mass consists of:

  1. Specially picked up spikes influencing acupuncture points, taking into account the chosen distance in 8.5 mm.
  2. The image located on a forward surface of a harmonizer represents symbolics of psychological norm of psychosomatic condition of the person.
  3. The product is produced from silver of the highest quality or from gold, being also the jewelry intended for carrying on a neck as a pendant.

This invention has a potential for broad international application. The inventor is interested in commercialization of the invention and is seeking appropriate interested manufacturer.

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