New Invention: The extended hybrid force – position control of the robotic systems

A group of inventors from Romania presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “The extended hybrid force – position control of the robotic systems”.


The invention presents an advanced method for solving contradictory problems of hybrid position-force control of the movement of walking robots by applying a 2D Extension Set. Using the linear and non-linear attraction point principle and the network of attraction curves, there is determined the 2D space Dependent Function generated by position and force in order to solve the robot real time control. The generalization of the extension distance and dependent function uses Extenics in Higher Dimensions theory eliminates the crisp logic matrix of Cantor logic which describes the position-force sequences.


Thus it has been developed an optimization method for hybrid position-force control which ensures positioning precision and robot movement stability on rough terrain. The final conclusions lead to development of a methodology that allows obtaining high level results for hybrid position-force control using extended transformations onto the real numbers set and an optimization function generated by the extended dependence function in 2D space.




The invention allows the development of new extended hybrid control, in real time, with the increase of motion stability, avoiding obstacles, the variable speed of forces, at a low cost and higher performances. 

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