New Invention: Electrothermal complex for gas recovery from hydrated gas deposits

A group of inventors from Russia presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014 the invention: “Electrothermal complex for gas recovery from hydrated gas deposits”.


The electrothermal complex consists of found part, installed either on the drilling rig (in case of offshore development) or on land surface, and the electrothermal generator, which is lowered into the zone of hydrated gas deposit. The ground part comprises a generation set, a water supply block, control and monitoring equipment.


The electrothermal generator allows to conduct formation heat treatment by injecting the heating medium (steam, hot salty water, etc.), and thereby change the temperature, the pressure within the hydrated gas deposit, leading to destruction of the structure of gas hydrates and their separation into gas and fresh water.

The complex allows the formation heat treatment of hydrated gas deposits and their separation into gas and water, using a variety of heat transfer media (hot salty water, steam, hot water with the addition of various surfactants), and the use of different modes of heat carrier injections for more efficient processing of deposits.




Compared with existing technologies, the design of bottom-hole electrothermal generator, which is part of the complex, due to the presence of internal insulated body allows to use different types of coolants without the risk of electrode corrosion, the settling of salt on electrodes, i.e. to treat the formation both with hot salty water, and with the addition of the surfactant. Also, there are not additional costs for water treatment.  


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