New invention: Eco-friendly oil absorbance from modified rubber

Group of inventors from Malaysia presented at the Brussels Innova Invention Fair 2013 the invention: Eco-friendly oil absorbance from modified rubber


Rubber is one of the most suitable materials that can be manipulated to be used in oil spill clean up. This invention highlighted the utilization of rubber derivative,  liquid natural rubber (LNR) as a source of oil sorbent. As one of Malaysia commodity resources, it has been proven that sorbent made from rubber derivative is better than non-woven polypropylene (PP) especially to be used in oil spilled clean up.   The inventors findings showed that the absorbance ability was three times higher than PP. Moreover this green sorbent can also be reused for more than ten times thus this LNR based absorbent is not only highly effective  but is also economical for oil spill clean up. All of all this rubber based invention is in accordance with the moto: “Green and clean” as to purify the environment from pollution and contaminant is vital to ensure the earth is green and the circle of life is going.  



This invention has a potential for broad international application. The inventors are interested in commercialization of the invention and are seeking appropriate interested manufacturer.

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