New invention: Bus scheduling model (BSM)

An inventor from Malaysia presented at the Brussels Innova Invention Fair 2013 the invention: Bus scheduling model (BSM).


The invention consists of preparing of computer programming that is able to implement different scenarios for improving bus operation in the city areas and reduction of bus delays. These scenarios cover every characteristic of each area, namely, limitation of average speed, fleet size, bus capacity, limitations of using exclusive bus lane etc. For scenario preparation should be considered the local behavior in both points of views, passengers and bus authorities. The bus scheduling model (BSM) is provided by a computer programming that is able to provide the details of bus planning such as: arrival time, departure time, dwell time, and buses headway. Invention contribution to computer programming consists of two parts including BSM server windows that let the operator to change the database and properties and BSM client windows that let the users to access to the client part more easily. 


This invention has a potential for broad international application. The inventor is interested in commercialization of the invention and is seeking appropriate interested manufacturer.

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