How to reduce or avoid payment of some EPO Official fees for registration of European patent Part I . Claims fee

According to the regulations related to European Patent Convention (EPC) , the claims fees are to be paid for patent applications containing more than 15 claims.   In this regard for  any patent application which consists of more than 15 claims the applicant is obliged to pay to European Patent Office (EPO) claims fee for the 16th and for each subsequent claim.

The EPO official claims fee for the 16th and each subsequent claim up to the limit of 50 claims amounts EUR 235,- for each claim.

The EPO official claims fee for the 51st  and each subsequent claim amounts EUR 580,- for each claim.


Accordingly the applicant may avoid payment of the  claims fee in case when its patent application contains up to 15 claims.

In case of International patent application entering into European National Phase, the applicant can avoid payment of the claims fee by reducing the higher number of claims in its International patent application to number of 15 claims on entering such application into European National Phase.   


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