European patent - Procedure for limitation or revocation

Subject of proceedings

According to Rule 90 and other rules of the European Patent Convention (EPC) Implementing Regulations (IR),

The subject of limitation or revocation proceedings shall be the European patent as granted or as amended in opposition or limitation proceedings before the European Patent Office (EPO)..

At the request of the proprietor, the European patent may be revoked or be limited by an amendment of the claims. The request shall be filed with the European Patent Office in accordance with the Implementing Regulations. It shall not be deemed to have been filed until the limitation or revocation fee has been paid.

The request may not be filed while opposition proceedings in respect of the European patent are pending.


Prepared November 18th, 2022

by European Patent Registration and Consulting Services

prov. by Lawyers Antevski member of network of ARI INTERNATIONAL Law &Trade from Liechtenstein