European patent - Extended European search report

According to Rule 62 of the European Patent Convention (EPC) Implementing Regulations (IR),


The European search report is accompanied by an opinion on whether the application and the invention to which it relates seem to meet the requirements of the European Patent Convention, unless a communication under Rule 71, paragraph 1 or 3 of the EPC IR can be issued.


In case of issuing communication under Rule 71, paragraph 1 ( the Examining Division invites the applicant to correct any deficiencies noted and to amend the description, claims and drawings within a period to be specified) or in case of communication under Rule 71, paragraph 3 (where the Examining Division before decision to grant the European patent, informs the applicant of the text in which it intends to grant it and of the related bibliographic data, also inviting the applicant to pay the fee for grant and publishing and to file a translation of the claims in the two official languages of the European Patent Office other than the language of the proceedings within four months).




The opinion accompaning the European Search Report shall not be published together with the search report.

Prepared April 2nd , 2021 

Prepared by European Patent Registration and Consulting Services
prov. by Lawyers Antevski member of network of ARI INTERNATIONAL Law & Trade from Liechtenstein