Apple is most probably working on its own brand high-quality headphones

According to Apple Insider information found on internet Apple is updating its wireless AirPods and is working on its own brand of high-quality over-ears headphones, which could arrive later during 2018.

According to this information Apple plans for the headphones to convenient as AirPods but with improved sound quality. , and that they could arrive by fourth quarter in 2018. It also notes that the headphones are expected to “be priced higher than AirPods,” which retail for $159. Also a word broke that Apple is planning a copule of upgrades to AirPods including the ability to activate Siri by voice this year, and making them also water-resistant in 2019.

If this information is accurate, it looks as though Apple is looking for high-end headphones of its own for customers who want more than the company’s AirPods. Apple delving into the world of high-quality headphones isn’t too strange: the company already owns a headphones company, Beats, which it bought in 2014.


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