Russia is entering in New Reforms of the IP Law. Will It increase the number of Startups?

The government of Russia  is intending to reform the intellectual property law in the country, which  could have an effect on how many patents get registered, and on the number of startups in the country. Russia is very well  known for its star engineers, but unfortunatelly the country lacks of business people who can execute and commercialize those ideas.

Proposals for the IP Law reform (source: The Moscow Times) have been tabled by the Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko at a meeting of the Council on Intellectual Property.. The reform package includes also idea to give those who create new technologies the rights to own patents on them.

According to the present IP Law regulations in Russia , inventors are working under contract with state institutions, and with the state which ends up with control of any resulting IP. It is expected the draft of the new law  to be developed  in the first quarter of 2013. With the reform is expected  the inventors themselves to become right on first  priority on those patents. The first priority on those patents with the reform is expected also to become  the enterprises or educational institutions where the inventors work.