New Invention: „Health Water“

Two Russian inventors have presented at the Geneva Invention Fair 2013 their invention:

„Health Water“

The invention is functional potable water for stimulating lymphatic drainage of toxins from the intercellular spaces in human body.

The invention constitutes method of generation and application of „Health water“

Benefits of this invention:

It offers possibility to utilize scarce drinking water resources with maximum efficiency,

  • to reduce a harmful effect of environmental situation by 40%,
  • to restore the disturbed functions of human body,
  • to enchance the effect of standard treatement and prevention methods,
  • to prolong life by 3 – 9 years,
  • to increase an active working period of life,
  • to remove intoxication,
  • to relieve tissue respiration.

This invention has a potential for broad international application and its application will have positive medical effects.

The inventors are interested in commercialization of their inventon which is already patented, seeking appropriate interested manufacturer.

EPO Patent Registration Services and Consulting GmbH has made direct contact with the inventors and has information about the invention. In case of interest, the interested parties for the invention can contact EPO Patent Registration at the following Email address: Email: